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Is This A Fan?


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This may have been discussed before so apologies if im goin over old ground, and i realise that this guy is a Bear so I'll apologise for the offence this may cause; but who the fuck is this:


Ive read several of his "blogs" and not only is the guy clueless, its worrying that his views might be perceived as more than just his alone.

Anyone who has rangersnewsnow running on their phones will have seen this guys stuff, does anyone know who he is?

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Aye that's the way to do it publicly slam and slag the guy off , the guy is adjusting to a new style of play and needs our support not this type of pish to help unsettle him , his issue is his confidence at using his right foot when the ball is played back to him and it is heart in the mouth stuff at times but let's hope thatnsettles down in the next few weeks , as for crosses into the box he so far has dealt with them quite well and has not been properly tested yet to see his full ability being put to the test yet

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I don't blame him for the first Hibs goal. He was totally exposed due to the defence not closing the opponent down. I don't think we should be judging any player until the end of September as, as has often been pointed out, the players are still getting to know the new system and each other.

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That guy really is a clown. Used to follow him on twitter. Anyone who supports 2 teams "equally" as he put it is not a fan.

The guy has never been to a game in his life and do you know something its tits like this that annoy me. Hes played 3 games conceded 3 goals, 2 which weren't his fault in the slightest. I really like him and another 5 or 6 games we will see how good this guy is once he gets used to passing the ball constantly and the pressure that goes with playing for Rangers.

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That article was poor. I got that one wrong and have since erased it. I can admit when I get something wrong. It would be an arrogant fool who doesn't listen to the advice and opinions of others.

I would like to clarify a few issues if you will kindly indulge me:

1: I wouldn't say I'm clueless. I get things wrong now and then, as any fan does. But I think to suggest my work is complete nonsense is slightly off-base. After all, recent articles have done nothing but praise the new regime, and individuals like Lee Wallace, James Tavernier and Barrie McKay, to name just three. You only have to look at recent entries to see how positive I've been. Does that qualify as nonsense, and unrepresentative of fellow fans? In fact, the only player I've actually been unfair on in recent times was Foderingham. And I hold my hands up to that one.

2: I do get some scoops occasionally but I never claimed to be an 'insider' - it's an aggregation site collating as much information and trying to glean the most accurate stuff. If a story breaks that we're linked with a player, I'll cover it. It's the transfer window, it happens A LOT. If that offends anyone, I suggest they don't need to read it.

3: Plenty of supporters in our fanbase support more than one team. To tell them they're not fans is arrogance of the worst degree. Who appointed anyone else judge and jury of what qualifies as a supporter?

4: It is an absolute lie to say I have never been to a match - but on health grounds sadly I am unable to attend any more. So instead I put in my cash in other ways, like paying for tickets for others, among other things. Apologies if that doesn't make me a fan. It apparently doesn't make anyone overseas or health limited who doesn't get to the matches a fan either.

5: I respect every one of you, even those calling me names. You are all Rangers fans and we only want the best for the side, and the club. But I would appreciate if that respect went both ways, and was universal among supporters who, even under this regime, still want to snipe at each other now and again.

Can't we always be a Rangers family?

Mate youve not made one single "blog" that ive not had to message you to correct or just to find out what fuckin team your watching. Funny, you never show my messages.

It qualifies as nonsense because it is nonsense. Im not jose mourinho and i dont try to act like i am either.

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