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Women Going To Football

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Started going to football matches in the 1950s and don't recall too many women on the terracings. There were a few, of course, but only a few. These days I notice so many of them especially at the EPL games. I'm glad to see this trend because I can recall quite a few women were interested in football in my day but never really had the chance or the cash to attend. Do you notice more female supporters?

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I know quite a few ladies who go to the football, and they are loyal bluenoses. But In theory I think they shouldn't be allowed to games. Males only.

Also always found it amusing that most supporters buses always have that solitary female that goes to every game home and away, who's probably only a 4/10 but Everycunt on the bus tries to rifle her every trip ?

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My Mrs has been a ST holder for 34 years, never misses a game and knows the offside rule.:): she is a shit cook but can stand her ground in a football argument. I go on the supporters bus when im not working on a Saturday night and meet her at the game as she takes our grandbairn.

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We had 2 young lasses in there late teens on our bus back in the late 70s but they were a rarity in these days.

Went to Eindhoven in 79 and were dancing on a table in a bar and lots of bears got up to join in. Barman complained and got everyone down, but of course then invited the girls to go back up. :D

Pretty girls, wonder what they are doing now Ah!

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Football is a man's game. If wumen need to be entertained outside of the bedroom they should go the feckin' bingo.

A man's game! How often do you see a soft tackle and the 'man' going down as if being hit by a sniper then rolling about ten times just to add to the drama. A man's game indeed, lol!!

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