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Knock Em Down - Vb Article

Bad Robot

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Think they signed Allan because he's Scottish and not and not a bad player for the cash they paid . Fuck all to do with us let's move on

I would tend to agree. They have signed quite a few from SPL teams the past year or so and I am sure they get good value. We unsettled him and they came in with a better offer of cash and loanees so fair play. We will get ours and they will get theirs. In the end, how they play on the field with 10 teammates will decide who made the better choices.

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If the shoe was on the other foot the tims would have buried us over having not one, not two but three fucking paedophiles over a thirty year period. That the tims can spend years trawling the net and phone ins trying to get a club, which was cleared in every court in the land of any wrong doing,liquidated while ignoring their clubs shameful child abuse and their cover up at the highest level is disgusting, any time their reminded of it is not offencive to me in the slightest.

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