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Colin Stein Wall Panel - Special Offer For R M Members

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Rangers have now announced the launch of the new Colin Stein Wall Panel.

It will be situated next to the new Fernando Ricksen Panel (underneath the Sandy Jardine Stand, behind Argyle Houe)

Bricks cost £50 - unless you're a RangersMedia member. For you it's only £40

Yes that's right. Once again, the RM Erskine Fund is delighted to bring to you the best price for the best bricks in the best stadium in the land. :21:

For each £40 brick purchased via the RM Erskine Fund, £40 goes to Rangers Youth Development Company, and £10 goes to MND Scotland.

Yes I know that doesn't add up - that's the magic of the RM Erskine Fund. :D

So, we are now taking orders. All orders completed before the end of October will be guaranteed installed before the Boxing Day game.

Demand for this wall be very high, so don't hang around. I'm sure you can think of someone who would appreciate a nice surprise on Boxing Day. :5536:

PM me for more information.


As well as saving £10, RM members also receive several other brilliant brick benefits which I'm not going to tell you about publicly. But you might be able to guess at least one of the benefits if you look closely at the Ricksen Wall Panel. :P


And a message to all existing Brick Purchasers - our extra Warburton-approved Certificates will be ready for collection as soon as I get around to it. :P

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I'm in.

Ok. (tu)

Put me down for 1 too mate!

Ok (tu)

I've already got a brick (bought it directly from the club) and I was wondering, could the club help me find my brick? I've had it for a couple of seasons but never looked for it.

Phone them on 0141 427 4914 and they should be able to help you. (tu)

I'll take 2 mate. Don't mind paying 50 for the second one as it's for my daughter who's not a member on here.

£40 each for as many as you want - Friends & Family are included (tu)

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That's us got lots and lots of orders now, so I'll start moving things forward shortly.

I forgot to mention that we can also do you a special price of £15 (normal price is £20) if you want a replica brick for home use.

The replica brick comes with the lettering painted black, unlike the one which goes up at the stadium (see Jak Trueman in the example below)...

If you want a replica brick along with your stadium brick, no need to tell me yet - you'll be able to order when I send you the info.


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