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*** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

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So many losers on here, wipe your fannies for fucksake. "Like last season" "I'd take a draw" Fucking ridnecks.

Did he tactically enlarge the bar and the crossbar, and tactically ensure Oxley saved them on at least 2 occasions? Did he slip the ref a bundle to deny a first minute penalty? We should have won that

Bogging wee rat fuck. Wouldn't want him anywhere near the club.

Some of our passing and ball retention has been good but it's a continuation of the last 10 games, trying to walk the ball into the net in the belief the opposition will part like the red sea when what is required is digs or quick direct plays i.e. 3 passes from back to shot.

Hopefully we can up the gears in the second half because we're capable and hinting at the ability but thus far my expectations of this fixture have been met sadly.

If it doesn't click by the 55 minute get Law followed by Oduwa/Miller depending on circumstances.

Miller's not on the bench is he?

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Not a single player has got pass marks out there today joke of a performance Clark and Wilson especially.

Make no mistake there has been a massive slide in our performances for 2 or 3 months now and Warburton has to do something, don't get me wrong it's always to be expected that we would go through bad spells but we have seriously rode our luck 4 or 5 times now and we can't continue or those scraping wins will turn to draws and losses.

We already know just what our players are capable of from our early season form some people out it down to the opposition knowing how we play but the truth is the individual performances are nowhere near what they should be and something needs to be done.

I disagree Holt played well and was best player on the pitch first half. Waghorn and Wallace were decent too. Agree on Clark and Wilson though along with Tav.

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