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Jonah Lomu Dies Aged 40

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Stood next to the man in his prime Nov 96 England played the NZ Babarians just another name for the All Blacks except they play in Red. Just like the displays put on at Ibrox over the years the Marines were abseiling onto the pitch etc I was lucky to be part of the display. During the anthems I was positioned behind the NZ team and Lomu was directly in front of me. I take my hat off to those who played against him back then as he was built like a multi storey never mind shit house and could run so being on the end of a tackle from him you knew it just look at Catt 95 World Cup. RIP another taken far too soon.

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Devastating news this. Like others, not that big a Rugby fan but grew up watching Jonah. Will never ever forget his performances in the 95 World Cup. The way he would go through players like they were not even there was insane, and to think this was when he was carrying the kidney disease! From what you read and hear he seemed a total gentleman off the park. Very sad :(

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As a proud new zealander this has come as a huge shock. Jonah was loved & cherished by all n,z ers. My thoughts & prayers go out to all his family.

He was one of the few players when he got the ball or was about to get the ball u crept forward to the edge of your chair in anticipation that something special was about to happen

R.I.P big fela

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Guy was a steam train. Built like a forward, pace of a sprinter, you could just about see the fear in the eyes of anyone that he was bearing down on.

Poor guy. Seemed like a top chap. Won't often quote the Daily Mail, but whilst being sad, this is a great wee article too.


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