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Derek Johnston

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...from a man well know for his backing of Mr Murray.

RANGERS will play a very dangerous game with their restless support if the Julien Faubert money is not spent on other targets like Osasuna's Carlos Cuellar.

I said last week that it remained to be seen whether they could snare the French star from Bordeaux because of the figures involved.

And, once again - just like the Scott Brown scenario - money talked. And Rangers lost out.

That can happen. When the big hitters from England start to come into the equation then it's almost impossible to keep them out.

This 6.1million deal just shows you how much money is being pumped around in the Premiership.

A few years ago a team like West Ham would not have been able to spend the money they are, but they can outbid the likes of Rangers now with ease - and they did to get Faubert.

I am sure the lad did want to come to Ibrox. In terms of clubs, there is no comparison between Rangers and the Hammers. And he would also have the chance of Champions League football.

Sure, he would have looked at England in the future. But Faubert, by all accounts, would have been happy to move to Scotland.

But what is he supposed to do? Rangers could not hit the figures Bordeaux wanted, and West Ham wrapped the whole thing up.

From the high of hoping they would have that kind of quality coming into their team, the Gers fans are now left disappointed.

They have backed the club consistently now for the past two years, even though the performances have been shocking.

People talk about the loyalty of Celtic's fans. Well, I tell you what, Rangers fans have been unbelievable in the last couple of seasons given what has been going on.

However, if they don't see the cash that was tabled for Faubert - and we were told a bid of 4m was rejected - being spent, then they will rightly be up in arms.

I don't think Sir David Murray and the management can afford to gamble on their goodwill too long.

Many have had enough, others are close to that point. So there has to be an injection of quality into the squad to give them that little something different.

Right now the squad has been well beefed up. There is a bit of depth, and guys like Andy Webster and DaMarcus Beasley are better than some they had last season.

But two or three more are needed. So, while doors keep getting slammed on them, Gers must keep pushing others open

Now if this guys getting upset , SDM had better start taking notice.

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