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You Can't Win Anything With Kids..

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Love the way the manager is moulding the squad. Young, talented, ambitious lads with a real work ethic. Throw in a couple of experienced players in the summer and we will be challenging next season. Thinks crooks will make a big difference in the middle of the park. Great to see us tapping into the lower leagues of England. Alot of the players have good pedigree coming from big clubs academys but have been forced down the leagues due to the money available to buy the best from around the globe. Compare that to buying overrated spl fodder on long term deals. Wish we had the magic hat earlier!!

Spot on, good post mate!

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Considering what that group of youngsters went on to win, it absolutely destroyed the theory so I'd be happy with similar success

And of course Ace this was not the first time Man Utd usurped such a theory - prior to the tragedy of the Munich Air Disaster the legendary Busby Babes were showing a young team could be all conquering.

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Of course you can. You just need to find the right players. If the new guys are anything like Waghorn, Tavernier, Halliday, Holt etc then we will be just fine. Did anybody know who Waghorn/Tavernier were when we signed them? I remember a lot of people debating how to even say Tavernier's name so that tells you at least one thing...

We can easily win this league with the team we have. Of course we're gonna need to strengthen up if we want to put that lot back in 2nd place where they belong but I don't see why a young fit team can't win it. Maybe if our entire team were under 20 or something I could understand. I think our average age of 24 is the perfect age. Of course will lack the experience we get from the likes of Miller/Wallace but that's why they are there. Our team isn't a bunch of kids. I'd say it's a well balanced squad. young but not too young and with experienced players there to control the game.

It's just fear mongering. They see were are improving and they know all about the troubles at Celtic. Daft Ronny will be punted the end of this season when we go up. They won't want a donkey like that in charge when we are back in our own league with them. The gap isn't as wide as some expect. We are on our way back and they better be fucking ready cause we will be ready for them.

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Sorry but MU's youngsters at that time included Beckham, Scholes etc,maybe we have a few decent young players but they're not of that calibre. The squad will need strength and experience next season.

They also had Schmeichel, Cole, Bruce, Pallister, Irwin, Keane and, of course, Cantona to add the strength and experience to their exceptional talent.

The SPL will be a lot less of a challenge than the EPL was back then but, as MW keeps pointing out, its all about balance.

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Started half way through the 86/87 season and won the FA Cup in 1990, Cup Winners Cup 1991 and first ever Premier League in 1992.

Thanks - the MU board were pretty patient then, but could see the progress - lets hope our board / manager go the same way (but quicker would be better :lol: )

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its simply depends how good the kids are.

Scholes, Beckam, Giggs, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, the other really ugly Neville - they weren't bad players when you look back :rolleyes:

and in fairness the manager turned out not to be to bad either.

Pretty decent bunch of kids - what ever happened to them? :pipe: But even the great SAF bought in some quality to supplement those 'kids' - (Cantona was a master stroke)!

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