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*****Official Raith Rovers v Rangers Match Thread*****


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Just now, Poetry_In_Blue said:

Fuck off WE are going to win the league.

Good job we've rediscovered the ability to keep a clean sheet these last 3 games.

But 3 points closer & nobody's actually gained any ground on us.

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1 minute ago, siddiqi_drinker said:

Aye get him Tae fuck, bring back the gardener 

Did I say get rid of him? 

Naw, tell you what though if we gave that performance (especially second half) under McCoist we would be hearing about it.

Hopefully thats the end of your wee pet zelalem, rotten again

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Decent performance. Good high tempo, pressing, attacking game for us in the second half.

If I'm going to be critical then I'll say that I always feel uncomfortable with a 1-0 lead and that for all our attacking play and attacking options - to not score more when set up like this is a concern. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but I'm being constructive too.

I don't like the way we always go wide everytime as our game plan A. I get the logic behind it as it stretches defences and in theory should give the boys in the middle that extra yard of space here and there but sometimes I just wish we would put our foot through the thing or just slip a wee ball through more.

That said, I'm not moaning. It was a good performance and a good 3 points for us. Another away game out the road and another solid clean sheet. Just keep doing this and the league will be over soon.

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Fuckin terrible performance ,nowhere near a team that can play against premier teams .every team would fuckin ragdoll us.thought waghorns display was fuckin atrocious .no penetration from midfield whatsoever,and I feel this league is far from  over.

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When hearts were getting results like this last season people on here were waxing lyrical about them.

These past two games while not pretty are a part of winning leagues. We won't be awesome every week, we won't score half a dozen every week but as long as we keep picking up the points we're doing our job.

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