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Erskine Veterans Ibrox Day Out

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Erskine Veterans Ibrox Day Out

We haven't had one of these for ages, so it's time to put that right.

Many thanks to Rangers Charity Foundation who have once again donated 10 Stadium Tour Tickets Free of Charge for our Erskine Veterans. (That's 50 they've given us now in total)

So a group of Veterans and Carers from Erskine Bishopton will be heading along on Tuesday 5th April for that.

After that, the RM Erskine Fund will provide lunch and a beer for them all in the Argyle Restaurant.  (That will cost £150) (tu)

Also, I was chatting to one of the Erskine Staff today, and he was telling me about Wee Frankie.  Wee Frankie hadn't been to a Rangers game since the 70s I think it was.  So they got him along to the last game, and apparently after the game, he was buzzing about it for the next four days or so.  Needless to say, he's got his name down for the next game. (tu)

For some reason, Frankie wasn't on Santa's list of Erskine Bears, so he didn't get any Rangers Clobber for Christmas. :(  Luckily, we've still got some kit left, so I'll rummage through it, and find some items in his size. (tu)


Here are some photos from some of our previous Erskine Ibrox Days Out...
















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47 minutes ago, jamess said:

And the great work continues.  And I am reminded of the fact I have not put my hand in me pocket for a while.  So small donation sent for a wee extra drink.


I would encourage everyone to do likewise - but I can't, cos there's still no donation page. :( 

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