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7 minutes ago, Rangers#1 said:

Last two Super Bowls were the dugs, hoping for similar tonight

goong for buccaneers to win

Feel the same

Taken on a dislike of the chiefs and Mahomes literally because they beat the niners last year. 

Don’t love this whole making someone automatically the next best in the world after one super bowl win either 

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Rodgers not running the ball on 3rd down and not going for it on 4th fucked them. Brady gave them plenty of chances in the second half as well with those three picks.

You just cannot let those opportunities go against a Tom Brady led team. He's the GOAT and there's not even an argument about it anymore IMO, there just can't be.   

Good game, not as disappointing to me as Rangers losing to the spoon burners.

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5 minutes ago, GabrielTomato said:

Forgot to mention my rates to update the OP :

£10 for any Eagles fans

£25 for any Cowboys fans

1lb of flesh for any Pats fans :pipe: 

Is that a fiver for each Super Bowl win...

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On 19/02/2016 at 12:17, GabrielTomato said:

New York Giants - ben51, psb07158, the goal machine, Mr Soprano.

Los Angeles Rams - CaptainAmerica18.

Buffalo Bills - JamieD (MIA).

Dallas Cowboys - BleareyEyedBear, norgerbud, ayro.

Las Vegas Raiders - Ferris Bueller, mus.

New England Patriots - cstmamomusa, Lando.

Indianapolis Colts - Born A Bluenose.

Miami Dolphins -TEFTONG.

Green Bay Packers- stourloyal.

Atlanta Falcons - greg_1987.

Minnesota Vikings - SasaPapacLoyal.

Seattle Seahawks - Henders82.

San Francisco 49ers - .Williamson.

Just let me know in the posts below which team you follow and I'll update the OP. 


Las Vegas Raiders

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3 minutes ago, MattyBlue said:

Got a HD stream on hesgoal for some American coverage ain’t listening to no brits talking about it, wanna hear some passion!

I turned away from them and went BBC. I find the British force them to actually talk about the game and not just scream “wooo” constantly like a load of crackpots 

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