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*****The Official Rangers vs Morton thread*****


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1 minute ago, THE_Ibrox_Preacher said:

Messi doesn't play for East Stirling, simple as that. 

When does a player in this division get a call up?

How many of the Hearts team should have been called up on the basis of last season?

Wallace has the best case of the Scots in our team yet what games against top division teams has he shone against? I think he's having a great season but bar the Dundee game we struggled against Kilmarnock, took a hiding off St Johnstone, Took a comfortable defeat to the tims, Defeats against Dundee Utd etc. We may be a different team for the bulk of them but what level has Wallace shown himself to be good at consistently thus far? 2/3 of a season in a division we should have won last year. Harsh but from an international perspective justifiable. If anyone else from this division gets a call up presently or in future it's a damning indictment of where we're heading more than anything.

This is a debate I want to have but I'll leave it during the game. If you're on when I get home from the pub we can continue it if you want mate. Cheers. Enjoy the rest of the game.

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25 minutes ago, THE_Ibrox_Preacher said:

I honestly don't want to hear anyone talking of Scotland places, not because I hate my own country; the main reason I don't want to hear talk of Scotland places is that we need to do it in the top division like it would be for any other teams players normally.

Allan had a great season for Hibs last year and punters on hear were throwing the kitty at signing him and yet in the top flight what's he doing?

If a Dumbarton player had a screamer of a season at this level it would be a major shock if he got a call up for the obvious reason that this division on the whole is a level below.

When we're in the top flight and on top we can talk about call ups with concern. 

Sadly we now seem to in the minority on here... Our support is chock-full of self-confessed seething self-loathers.

Another masterclass from Miller tonight. At this rate he could probably still do a turn for Scotland. :pipe:


PS - I agree with you but find it hard to wholeheartedly defend Gordon Strachan after he picked McGinn. But seeing as he scored that goal at Mexico '86, I will forgive him for that and managing the other mob.


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