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*** RM Erskine Fund - Season 2016/17 OLD Official Thread - visit the new thread instead

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Welcome to the RangersMedia Erskine Fund Season 2016/17 Official Thread.

- A Fund made up of donations from RangersMedia Members, to provide Rangers-Related Treats for Veteran Bears. 

Our aims and priorities for season 2016/17:

1. To provide the following for Erskine Veterans’ Care Homes:

  • Season Tickets
  • Disabled Hospitality Tickets
  • Rangers TV Annual Subscriptions
  • Rangers Match Programme annual subscriptions
  • Cup Tickets (home games)
  • Whisky Miniatures for Erskine ‘D-Day Ration Packs’
  • Erskine Wishing Wall wishes

2. To provide Hollybush House (Combat Stress) with some of the above too.

3. To support Rangers Youth via support of Rangers Youth Development Company Products and initiatives (Rising Stars, Rangers Lotto, Stadium Bricks)


How much of the above we actually manage depends on you. 


To donate, please use the PayPal link…


And please PM me to let me know once you’ve donated. (tu)

Note: Please do not set up a monthly payment on PayPal - we appreciate the sentiment, but prefer to work on single donations only.  Feel free to make as many single donations as you want though. :D

Oh and this season, no beating about the bush, we'd like as much as you can possibly afford to give us! :D

Unlike previous seasons, we won't be splitting it up into three separate Fundraisers through the season.  There will just be the one, and this is it.



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The Fund in Action:


There's been at least one Erskine Minibus in the Albion or Argyle Car Parks at virtually all home games this season, that's your donation in action.




The West Enclosure.


 This is the most suitable section for our Veterans because they can enter via the disabled access, eliminating all the stairs.

We managed to get aisle seats on Row C, which is ideal, because veterans who can barely manage two (assisted) steps can still come, and get wheeled right up to the two steps.


But for those who can't even manage those two steps, then the only option left is hospitality.



Posh hospitality (3 course meal and wine)...



And the more affordable Disabled Hospitality (a pie and a Bovril)



Season tickets and tickets for Combat Stress...


and for Erskine...



Some of the hundreds of tickets we've bought for Cup Games and friendlies...





A Bus Full of Veterans enjoying a top night out at Ibrox (RCF Champions League Final Night)



Rangers TV Annual Subscription - and a new TV to watch it on.



Just some of the whisky miniatures...





Stadium Tours...





Argyle Restaurant Lunches...






Even Megastore Shopping Sprees (ah they were simpler times back then!)




But it wasn't all about The Rangers.



Some Wishing Tree Wishes sorted...

The Bo'Ness Steam Train Trip



And another (Loch Katrine Boat Trip)...



And another (Lunch at Loch Lomond)...





But don't worry - it was definitely mostly about The Rangers...



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Many thanks to EKCO and Mrs EKCO for their donation. (tu)

EKCO was planning on a cheap night in when he went to collect his Chinese Takeaway.  Imagine his surprise when he returned to find Mrs EKCO had hacked his account and donated £200 on his behalf!  Not such a cheap takeaway after all!   :D

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2 hours ago, govanblue said:

Of course not everyone has a spare £50, £100 or £200 lying around.  I wish I did. :(

Just what you can spare is all that's required, be that a fiver or £500. (tu)


I think it is really important that people remember that this is a donation of what people can afford, and as you say G B, we all have different sized pockets and it is an all for one, one for all situation.

Mrs Bears r us and myself have made our donation, PM sent. (tu)

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7 hours ago, govanblue said:

Many thanks to G13 who has donated £50 for a Rangers TV Annual Subscription for Erskine Glasgow (tu)

I'm in  premier Inn just now and RM is banned on the wifi, I can't open the paypal link on my mobile so I'll donate when I get back home on Mon mate. 

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A reminder that I don't get to see the PayPal figures until a couple of weeks later (it gets confusing and tedious if I keep hassling Admin for updates every two days!) - so you need to PM me to let me know you've donated, so I can keep track of it all.

It's helpful if you can PM me as soon as possible after donating, because that helps us to identify your donation if you don't put your username in the special instructions box in the PayPal page.

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