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Can You Help A Wee Bear To Get To America For An Operation?

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1 hour ago, EatDolphins said:

Might be worth contacting the club as well mate or even the players via twitter. 

Was just going to suggest that.


I wonder how hard would it be to get some volunteers for the cup final to go about the stadium and get donations from folk going to the game? 

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I see that over a dozen of our current RM Fund Members have also donated. So in my capacity as Coordinator of the RangersMedia Sponsors' Fund, I've checked the various relevant clauses (and small

Happy birthday Joshua

Just though I would let you all now that Joshua has taken his first step. Just shows you he isn't giving up and the doctors don't always get it right. Well in my wee teddy bear so proud. 

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2 hours ago, siddiqi_drinker said:


There is a Shriners based clinic in Montreal setup I 2011 that specializes evaluating and treating children with congenital chest wall deformities.  Where the Shriners are involved it is usually a non profit clinic.

Not sure if it you physician could contact them.


Good luck.



Awe nice one mate will defo contact them on Monday may even try tomorrow. totally fantastic

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Keep fighting wee man.

My nephew was born with a similar condition and the local bikers from Inverclyde and Ayrshire seen his plight in the paper and took it upon themselves to raise cash for him at charity nights etc.

I was overwhelmed with the generosity of folk and with the right exposure hopefully we can reach the target you have.

Good luck.

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give the gaffer a tweet asking for a retweet to spread the word, he seems more than happy to do so to help a good cause...... MarkWarburton9.

in the meantime another bear has donated, sounds like you and the family have been through a lot, all the best.


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