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*** A Thank You to RM Fund Members from some Combat Stress Veterans

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I've just received a card from some Residents of Hollybush House...


It was sent back in February, after the Rangers v Kilmarnock cup game, but due to an error on my part, it got lost in the post! :pipe:

Anyway, here's the message inside...


Dear [RangersMedia Fund Members],

My name is [ S ] and I'm an in-patient at Hollybush House.  Myself, [ D ] , [ P ]  ,  [ P ] and [ W ] were able to attend the Rangers v Kilmarnock match on the 6th February.  This was not only a really enjoyable day, but it was also a chance for us to challenge one of our symptoms of PTSD in being around crowds of people.

To some people that may sound ridiculous, but because of your generosity and kindness to Combat Stress Veterans by supplying complimentary tickets, you not only offer us a good day out, but also a step for us on the road to recovery.

Again, thank you so much for thinking about us veterans. It is very humbling for everyone to know that people do care about the unseen costs of the risks and dangers servicemen and women face during their service.

Your sincerely,

[  S  ]

[  P  ]

[  W  ]

[  D  ]

[  P  ]











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A wee lump in the throat reading that. 

That card is why we need to donate to make sure these guys get the seats again next year. We have some with deep pockets donating to the fund which is fantastic but most of us just donate smallish amounts so no matter what you are able to give, try and do it for these deserving people.

W A T P.

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My time in the Army was 1960's - 70's and our war was Northern Ireland.

i did 3  tours and a voluntary 2 year stint all during the 70's.

At it's worst it was bad....but nothing like Afghanistan...only too happy to donate my ST when it's not being used.

That and a few quid is little enough for these guys!


Never Forgive Never Forget

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