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RANGERS 9 IN A ROW 10 YEARS ON ... Heroes still on song as they enjoy glee in the Ibrox Park

Craig Swan

Rangers Select 2

Scottish League Select 2

RANGERS' wrinklies reformed at Ibrox for one final gig in front of an adoring audience yesterday and raised the roof by rekindling memories of some of the best Blues tunes in history.

Forget T in the Park at Balado. For the nostalgic supporters, Glee on the Park in Govan was the only show in town this weekend and there wasn't a tent in sight. Well, apart the one that doubled as Ally McCoist's shorts.

The legends returned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rangers' nine in a row and were keen to show that many a good tune can come from an old fiddle. The 30,797 starstruck punters lapped up the final bow.

The PA system belted out Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time before the game and those in the stands echoed the sentiment as a feelgood factor flooded the stadium.

Of the 86 players who featured for Rangers during their historic equalling of Celtic's record, 32 of the best were on show. All the stars too - Goughy, Coisty, Durranty, Fergie, Woodsy, the Goalie and even Laudrupy and Mikhailitchenko-y.

Actually, it was 34 but bizarrely Fraser Wishart and Derek Ferguson were in the league select line-up. They must have missed their round at Saturday's pre-match bash.

Logistics prevented some from attending and, sadly, poor health kept Paul Gascoigne from the party but each of the 52 missing was represented in the shape of a lucky youngster on the touchline.

The TV screens inside the ground displayed some wonderful clips of action from nine in a row and although it would have been a bit much to expect any reproduction in the 90 minutes, there was no hiding the sense of fun and enjoyment the old stagers gleaned from being back on their stage to showcase old numbers.

Within 10 minutes Brian Laudrup had delighted the audience with a sublime backheel, Andy Goram was indulging in a bit of banter with the fans behind his goal, McCoist fired two glaring chances into the stand and Frank McAvennie got booed. Some things never change.

By 20, Rangers were goal up when Jorg Albertz cracked in a screamer which Henry Smith couldn't hold and Laudrup reacted like lightning to tap home.

McCoist set up a second goal for Pieter Huistra in the 29th minute before Macca got his own back on the boo-boys after the restart with a penalty goal past big pal Goram with the Goalie saving his cameo for a brilliant save from Darren Jackson moments later as the Select fought back.

Chris Woods was in goal by the time Brian Irvine headed a last-minute leveller but nothing was going stop this day being all about Rangers and like all good performers they milked the moment at full-time.

The history books show, in Rangers terms, they were Simply the Best.

RANGERS - Goram, Nisbet, Robertson, Gough, Moore, Durie, McCall, Miller, Albertz, McCoist, Laudrup. Subs: Petric, Brown, Durrant, I. Ferguson, Hateley, Cleland, Gordon, Huistra, Hurlock, McInnes, McPherson, Mikhailitchenko, Munro, Murray, Spackman, Steven, Woods, McLaren, Drinkell, Stevens.

SCOTTISH LEAGUE SELECT - Smith, Bowman, Irvine, Boyd, McKinlay, Jackson, Lambert, McAllister, Connor, Kean, Coyle. Subs: Kidd, D. Ferguson, McAvennie, Rae, Robertson, Wishart, Black.

Hope all that went had as good a time as it sounded. :)

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Great article, I wonder how Butcher felt about not being invited? I still can't believe he kicked us when we were down last year :angry2:

I didn't know he wasn't invited but hell mend him. By the sounds of things he wasn't missed.

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It's just that other than Gazza and Butcher I can't think of any other major players who weren't there.

It's always worth remembering that we didn't only loose 10 in a row in 98, but we lost 11 in a row a decade before when Butcher broke his leg (irony on irony it was Eck of course who did the breaking :rolleyes:).

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Why the hell did Buther not get a invite.

Because he (more than once) had a right fucking go at us in the papers last season when we were in dire straits.

I wouldn't let him near the place again.

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