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Ibrox against scum on 31 Dec 16 @ 3pm

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Great decision by the SFA.

What's the problem with a lot of Rangers and cellic football fan's getting pished up on a hogmanay Saturday in Scotland before going to  a Rangers/cellic football match ? :pipe:


Edit: or could have just posted "The SFA and Police Scotland are fucking eejits" :).

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Wish they would just sort out the right date & time asap. I'm on standby for work that week. I could maybe get someone to cover me for the duration of the game, but if it moves to new years day, I'd maybe be able to swap, but I'd be on at Christmas instead. Need to know as I'd need a good bit of notice to swap.  Get it sorted!!!! 

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10 hours ago, ricksen92 said:

Pig sick goin to miss this one. Off for week in sun. Wish i had waited before booking.

You've got the same avatar as me! I thought I had posted there! Lol :lol:

i wont be missing it! I'll be there regardless of the date / time. I'll stay sober on Hogmanay if need be!

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Gonna be out of the country for 6 months till the end of January so gonna miss the first half of the season, I will be lucky to even get some shitty internet to find out the scores. I am hoping I come back and the mighty Rangers are on top of the league and cruising it with wee Brenda on the verge of collecting his P-45.

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