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**** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

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Don't know if this has been posted already, but in the daily Rhebel this morning it seems the "friendly" hibs fans we saw at the end off the cup final have been at it again!!! 

http://www.<No links to this website>/news/scottish-news/shocking-footage-catches-violent-clashes-8577857#WqE1sZpSTlxj2FDU.97

Although in the headline, no mention that it's hivs fans at it again!!, imagine if it was us big bad rangers fans???...headline news!!!... Paranoid Protestant?? Fucking right!!! 

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Listening to Sportsound and Gordon Smith was on. He said managers shouldn't react to the crowd, that goes for Lennon, his view as a former SFA member, his time as an assistant manager and even if his

Levein was slagging off the Hibs banner after the game. I know we are meant to hate Levein, but his no fucks given attitude to everything is one of the best things in Scottish football at the mom

Apparently Rangers have banned 7 fans regarding this already.

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Hibs have a serious problem with their fans for years , any cunt that goes to football can tell you this, but the police are all up our end because we supposedly sung sectarian songs? Yet no mention of which song as the Billy boys started when the  Hibs fans were running a mock. Even then was that not deemed offensive, so why we're all the police really up our end as this video proves exactly what they are.   

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11 minutes ago, BritbearWATP said:

Not sure if the link will work properly but here is the Ceilidh version :D



Definitely some Tartan Trannies in the making. A fight they said! The only thing missing was the bloody handbags.:lol:

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