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**** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

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8 hours ago, Billythebear77 said:

I wonder if the spoon burners euphoria at winning the Scottish cup has gone yet, and the reality that they're going to be playing in the 2nd tier for at least another season out off 2 cups by August and have one off the most horrible cunts ever to play/manage in Scotland in charge off them!!!... Karma's a blue nose!!! Get it right up them!!!! 

Many Hibs fans still show aggression towards Rangers and can be seen spewing on social media frequently.  Those cunts don't want to accept that we've moved on to bigger and better things while they've been left to battle it out with Dundee United and Falkirk.  Last season the primary target for both Rangers and Hibs was promotion and they fucked it right up.  Not only did we win it be a clear margin but those cunts finished third, then blew the playoffs.  If Rangers won the Scottish Cup but failed to get promoted would our fans be happy?  Of course not.  Staying down there for a 3rd season is a disaster and that's why Stubbs jumped ship. 

It still boggles my brain why Cummings would pen a new contract with them.  He's scored goals at that level and needs to step it up a level.  They're already out of two cups so when will he play in the big games he thrives upon?  It seems like Hibs are now pricing him out of the market and he could be stuck there for a few more years.  Really bad decision from him and I'm sure he'll regret it.

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Listening to Sportsound and Gordon Smith was on. He said managers shouldn't react to the crowd, that goes for Lennon, his view as a former SFA member, his time as an assistant manager and even if his

Levein was slagging off the Hibs banner after the game. I know we are meant to hate Levein, but his no fucks given attitude to everything is one of the best things in Scottish football at the mom

Apparently Rangers have banned 7 fans regarding this already.

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20 hours ago, King Jela said:

Already throwing his players under the bus :lol: 

You're not kidding mate. Check out this line from his interview 

Lennon, left, said after the tie that “people keep telling me Hibs are a good passing team but I have yet to see it”

He cultivates a great respect and atmosphere in the dressing room doesnt he :pipe:

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7 hours ago, Gaz52 said:

Lennon is a fucking awful manager. The Barcelona and last 16 fluke papered over so many cracks. He couldn't handle the pressure of semi finals etc. He was literally winning the league in a one horse race, it's hardly an achievement, all they had to do was show up.

He goes to Bolton, fails drastically, I think they ended up worse off with him in charge but the Scottish press pin it on the financial troubles they were going through, nothing to do with Lennon being an absolute joke of a manager.

He's a manic depressive and the most self-centered cunt in Scottish football, he'll be out of Hibs as soon as the going gets tough

Aye, he'll be out, but not before keeping hivs in the championship for another season??????

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Only Hivs hatred for us and the Petrie's utter contempt for our club made them go for this appointment .

Petrie owes his mate Pedro and this has clearly been the orders under advisement from Rod's master .

Us much as we all hate Liewell . Petrie must be one of the lowest scumbags ever to run a club in Scottish Football .

It was a crying shame our players let us down so badly at Hampden and let them break their hoodoo .

One of the saddest days of my footballing life

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I was in Krispy Kreme getting a coffee before work. Looked behind me and Fyvie, McGeouch and Keatings were sittting. They're obviously regulars as the wee fanny working knew what they wanted and told them he'd bring it over to them. Then when Fyvie paid the weeguy went 'cheeeers handsome' brown noser.

Wasn't much chat out them other than saying McGinn isn't happy. Not sure what about right enough.. 

It was one of those siuations were you want to call them all cunts but dont want to give them the satisfaction of knowing who they are

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Neil Lennon feels Celtic are "up to speed" as they bid to get past Hapoel Beer Sheva and reach the Champions League group stage.

Talking about his first love yet again. Do the journos keep asking for his opinion or is he just giving it regardless, either way its tragic. This guy isnt a pundit, or an out of work manager, he should be focused on his own team. Hivs fans should be beeling since all he does is dream about managing the manky mhob again. Its cringeworthy.

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5 minutes ago, bluedylan said:

I do not know if this has been posted,cannot be arsed looking


The police had no idea what they were talking about. The hibs fans were only wanting to show their exuberance after all. No malice or them being scummy cunts or anything. Just the great atmosphere and win getting them excited and happy. 

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