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***Official Rangers vs Motherwell Match thread ***


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Same as last week - 3 points gratefully accepted.   I don't think its far from accurate to say we've hit the league stuttering.   Its like players are playing with shoe-laces undone or the left foot lace tied to the right foot.   The performances - against teams not so strong in the top flight- have hardly been commanding and inspiring.   MW says the team is gelling.  Well in results terms I suppose there is an argument for that - just.  But evidence of a team carrying a lot of goal scoring menace and translated into goals but defending as though their lives depended on it is not in much evidence.  

I think MW is not yet anywhere near 'there' in establishing which 11 to start with and is still prone to being very predictable tactically.    

There is still a lot of gelling to take place.   And at some point a transformation into more chances taken and less goals conceded.   Sometime soon.  

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6 minutes ago, siddiqi_drinker said:

Proves we cannot carry passengers this season and we need to keep the tempo up for 90 minutes, not just when we feel like it.  

McKay nd Halliday need to be reminded that they are not automatic names on the team sheet 

Where are the Tav haters, btw?

Exactly and maybe Halliday was thinking he's Mr Rangers after he squared up to Fod a couple of weeks ago. I hope not though as AH and us all are fighting for the common good ?


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Right it's really time for an attacking mid to start in the middle.

We can't have 3CDMs playing in the team.

For the 10th time it's just not a fluid front 3.  It's two wingers and  striker. They all don't interchange and they don't gamble when the ball on the other wing being crossed. Hopefully Garner will eat up these great balls from Tav, who incidently has had a great start to the season and really upped his game. Lot of people had doubts about his defending but he has been solid.

At I want to see Holt at Attacking mid or Krancjar or windass or even Mckay if pushed. Then Rossiter and Barton cam sit.

We were persistent today and got a bit of luck for the win.:541:

PS, how good was it Barton smashing macdonald :dioufcheer:

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11 minutes ago, Muz333 said:

That'll fucking do but one thing is clear, King needs to invest in the squad. 

We really struggled today but we have to remember that we didn't have Holt, Windass, Crooks, Waghorn or Garner available today and that's a lot of attacking options to take out of one team.

We still need a centre half but apart from that I think our squad is looking really good.


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2 minutes ago, wilberforce1 said:

Interviewer to McGhee : " So, Mark , a hard game, but you lost in the end. How do you feel it went?"

McGhee: "Celtic, for me, are still, by far, the best team in Scotland".

Perhaps MW and DW should have the Q&A printed on a large piece of paper and pinned to the wall in the Home dressing room at Ibrox and the Away dressing room when playing away from home.   With the simple point made by MW and DW before each game to the Rangers players to go out and prove that statement to be wrong and prove that Rangers are the best.   It's why they are at Ibrox after all - to be simply the best   Not just the best twitter banter merchants, or the best media quote merchants - but the best football team in Scotland this season  

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Just now, ritchieshearercaldow said:

He's an eejit but he's not far off the mark, we have a lot of work to do.

It was a (obviously unfunny) joke. 

My point was that he never misses an opportunity to mention his beloved Celtic.


** Mark McGhee -- The greatest manager Celtic never had -- according to Mark McGhee.

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