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On 20/08/2020 at 09:43, Rangers_no1 said:

Man City could be out the title race after their first 8 games  😅


On 20/08/2020 at 10:39, Rangers_no1 said:

Failed to win two seasons in a row at Wolves who will be ahead of you in fitness. Bielsa with do a Norwich on City!

Arteta has your number after the cup final.  Then Sheffield United away who you sneaked a 1-0 win at thanks to Aguero, lost at Spurs away and also have Liverpool at home.

Predicting Man City outside the top 4 after 8 games tbh. :pipe: @TEFTONG


5 minutes ago, GabrielTomato said:

Bit like you :lol: :pipe: 

Ben is not on the ropes, hes been put right through them imo



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Football can be cruel at times. 

So disappointed that the City players used up all their goals for their countries during the week. 

Shows how much David Silva is missed by KDB. 

Defence caught out again by the big punt up the park. 

I've seen City play worse and win. 

Oh well. Off to my bed soon. Alarm set for 4:40am and heading back to Glasgow to watch The Mighty And The Famous scud the sheep the mora with my Dad. 

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Imagine Spurs won the league. 😅

I thought it had disaster written all over appointing Mourinho. Even at the start of this season I was convinced they would struggle for top 4.

Looking much better and a team who have game changers in Son, Kane and possibly Bale.

Although they regularly beat City at home, so we will see how they perform in the next two against Chelsea and Arsenal.

Sterling and KDB have 3 goals and 4 assists between them this season. Add in Aguero injured, doing nothing with that return.

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2 minutes ago, TheKingObv said:

Stonewall penalty.

What the fuck?

Why do refs only ever just agree with the VAR cunts? Pathetic 

Man United fans say Liverpool benefit from VAR, they do just as much.

Remember pen when Fernandes dived at Villa? Maguire clear red at Chelsea? 

Stonewaller there as you said and they get a pen now lol

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