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The best defender(s) to ever play for Rangers?


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Just now, harlands plater said:

I've been watching Rangers since 1962 but I would say the best defenders I have seen were Jardine, Gough, Butcher and Numan.

If my old man was here he would throw in names like Young, Woodburn and Cox. It's all about different generations. 

I started going to Ibrox in 1977 but was only 4 at the time. Unfortunately I can't remember the likes of Jardine that well 

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Seen some great defenders in my time - top ten in no particular order :

Dave Smith Tam Forsyth

Ronnie McKinnon John Greig

Sandy Jardine Arthur Numan

Terry Butcher Richard Gough

Derek Johnstone Oleg Kuznetzov (Were in not for injury could have been the best ever - certainly the best debut I've ever seen)

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George Young.

Joined us at 19 years old in 1941, so played 4 years before he began to collect official honours in 1946.

And what honours they were.

League winner in 1947, 1949, 1950, 1953, 1954, 1957.

A member of our first treble winning side in 1949.

The first player to gain 50 caps in the days when there were only 5 or 6 full internationals a year. 

54 caps all together and he was captain in 48 of those. An incredible statistic.



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I loved big amo, really exciting no nonsense until he fancied a wee run and then you'd be wondering what the fuck would happen.

He had his bloopers but I thought overall he was great for us. That legends game he played in, lol he looked like a soviet tank coming out of defense

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27 minutes ago, Tiger Shaw said:

Wish I was alive at the time to see these guys in action,  Young Shaw Woodburn McColl Cox

I think they would top the four mentioned :)

Me too mate but im 37 so can only go with what ive seen.  Had the pleasure of meeting ronnie mckinnon and would have loved to have saw him in action.

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13 minutes ago, BlueboyG said:

I've saw the likes of Greig, McKinnon, Forsyth , Johanson etc but for me it's the four stated above, Butcher, Gough, Numan and Stevens,  Gary Stevens is probably the fittest player (as in running lol) I have saw in a Rangers Jersey.

stevens reminds me of how kyle walker plays for spurs, cunt would cut a trench into the right hand side of the pitch the amount of times he went up and down that flank

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