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is this the kind of line up we are looking for??


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With so much talk over recent weeks about mckay getting dropped MOH coming in etc is this more nof a side we want to see or is it the best that we can expect to see with the side that we have???


Unable to get to the match tonight due to having the wee man tonight but had a look at the rangers team there and thinking is more of the kind of team we are looking for Warburton to put out on the field??

Hodson brings a bit of steel and stability to the R/h/s of the defence and i would have to say that that is the best that we can possibly get out of the.defensive players that we have at present. Wallace is struggling big time just now in my opinion and at a push we coukd put Hodson to left back as I believe he can play there and tab in at right back..????


In midfield, I believe that is the best place for windass , whether he is too young to cope with the expectations of playing in centre of the park is questionable, But I think his driving force and ability to take people on and open up a game defo suits his game and positioning.  With halliday out of the left and  holt on the right i think it should create a balance and some dig in the.wider areas. Clearly the gaffer is not going to change formation but I think Rossiter could be used as as a holding midfielder if we had a fast paced centre half and he could act.as that wee barrier between midfield and defence. 

The forward line is about the best we can get although I think I woukd play waggy instead of Joe as i see.nothing to suggest he is an out and out striker. I think he maybe used to playing with a forward beside him but that not our style so why was he pursued on the basis that he does not fit into the team style and formation? A bit baffling for me. 


so as I say with all the talk and moaning etc over laat few weeks. What kind of side woukd you select ? 


we really have too little depth in our squad and i dont think with the way manager talks with regards to the January window.we shpukd expect any further players in to enhance the team. ..



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Whatever line up we go with, it's just isn't enough to win games like tonight's. These are the games we need to take 3 points from, but never look like taking them. I was more concerned that st Johnston would get a late winner. Our level just isn't good enough to compete in this league.

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