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Celtc are a disgrace to football and everything that's wrong with the game yet Bears pay £50 to go there  A few days on the swally in Germany trumps a trip to the Brendandome any day

Just be careful what you post lads, mind we have grasses and Tarriers circling the Forum looking to use anything they can against us. Don't do the gutter rags jobs for them.

This thread is about Leipzig, not Paisley.

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14 of us so far have booked Saturday Monday leave Glasgow at 7.30 return from Berlin 16.35  

£55 for flights and the more people book the train at the same time the cheaper it is so we are just waiting as I'm sure a few more from the bus will book.  If we get 20 the train is only £14 return and if ur booking one person it's 30£ so still not to bad 

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3 minutes ago, B1872 said:

7 of us trying to book up just now. Best to fly to Berlin? We are going Saturday - Monday!

It's the most obvious route mate but flights have jumped alot. We are staying in Berlin Saturday night train down on the Sunday morning and back again Monday.  All in its costing us 105  hotel train flight but just the flight is now about 200? Rip off bastards .

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