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Memorable debuts


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Who springs to mind for you through the years?

It's not really talked about but I remember Weiss' debut fondly. Easter Road .. pretty drab affair and he comes on for the last 20 minutes or so and set's up 3 goals for Kenny Miller. I thought there and then we'd have an amazing player.

An obvious one is Flo. Scoring in a 5-1 win against Celtic is pretty hard to top. 

I didn't think Flo was THAT bad. OK 12 million was a lot but he did it in the Champions League, UEFA Cup and Premiership for Chelsea. We got something like 7 million back for him and he scored a few goals.

Didn't Spackman score in his debut at Parkhead in a 1-0 win? or was that just his Old Firm debut? can't really mind.

Maybe even another wee shout for Amato in the 5-3 Shelbourne game in Liverpool. Nice double at the right time.

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Laudrup always stands out for me, probably moreso given what he went on to achieve but i'll never forget his assist to big Dunc on his debut. It was certainly a sign of things to come.

Fernandes, Weiss stand out as does Nicky Law from recent years :ph34r:

Guivarc'h stands out too off the top of my head. Off the bench to score a couple at a time where we were just blowing teams apart. Sadly it never quite happened.

Flo being classed a failure/flop/dud is one of the biggest lies/myths that I have heard in about 20-30 years but it is continually banded about by idiots in the media! Just an absolute nonsense. He was never a superstar but he done more than okay and for the money we did indeed get back, you could easily argue we got value for money. At worst he was average.

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4 minutes ago, coopsleftboot said:

Oh, I read about it in his book ;) 

My arse, you're eyesight was failing long before his book came out, my carers read it to me over a six month period. Who did it for you ? Or did you go to specsavers ?

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52 minutes ago, coopsleftboot said:

Derek Johnstone scored a double on his debut as a 16 year old

Did he not score the only goal of the game in the 1970 League Cup Final?

Just checked my facts just now, I know that my memory is getting bad, but not that bad because this was my first cup final. I'd never heard of DJ before he played that day. 


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