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Glad all over (Joey Garner)

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5 hours ago, Poetry_In_Blue said:

LOL bet's you're glad you posted on here first or it might have been a lonely night for you at Ibrox :D

Reading how this has been going viral has me in tears of laughter, I really hope it's played on Saturday.

lol i'm just glad i was working tonight or else that would have been a stupid move on my part lol

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Guest Lloyd72
20 minutes ago, Sasa'onlyPLGsuccess'Papac said:

Don't get the Little Mix thing. The songs miles behind the song that will be no.1 that human one.

A bear slagged them off on twitter and their fans took the bait so everyone just started winding up their fans for a laugh and it turned into a meme :lol::lol:

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Guest Lloyd72
Just now, RFCRobertson said:

You just noticed mate? :lol: Remember this is yours too :wink: 

Saw people mentioning it but I thought it was at a staunch number or something, -999947 that's class though you'll be back to 0 in no time with the amount of threads you/I start :wink:

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Guest Lloyd72
3 minutes ago, RFCRobertson said:

I'll pass on the knowledge one day before getting banned for spam or some shit like that :cheers::lol::lol::lol: 

I'll just stick to twitter links and press conferences for now :001: This place would fall apart without you starting threads about everything:D:D

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