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*** The Official RB Leipzig vsRangers Match Thread ***


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6 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Hang on so you can't have a history and tradition coupled with good financial planning and forward thinking. 

Good to know. 

Your just twisting things mate. 

What iam saying is they are far more likely to buy small club with little history and plow in loads of cash and transform them (sound familiar) 

Rangers as a club wouldn't fit red bulls MO, if so they would have bought and English team a long time ago, just my humble opinion 

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1 minute ago, VladimirWeiss69 said:

why take toral off though, fuck leaving holt and halliday in midfield

Because he was making them two wasters looking the dross players they are .  no suprise taken off he was playing well its like mc coist all over again

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Just now, Inigo said:

Yeah. That's the other problem. They look sharper, stronger and more physically honed than us.

We've been crying out for a physical no-nonsense CDM for ages but the manager seems to continue signing midfielders who are too similar. Toral looks a step up in quality though from early glimpses.

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At least Waghorn adds an extra bit of composure up top to compliment McKay...our midfield with Holt and Haliday is sadly devoid of being ableto produce anything decent to help support either the defence or the attack, just awful the two of them. 

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