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A Rangers Gift Idea

Brackley Bluenose

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Thought I'd share this with fellow Bears.

Received a really heartfelt gift from my Mother and Father in law for Christmas and I'd thoroughly recommend it if you're stuck to think of something for a member of the family or a pal. 

The book is a hardback catalogue of almost 100 years of Rangers related headlines dating back to 1919. A cracking present that choked me up a little bit if I'm honest and is a great way to kill a few hours flicking through some of the pages. As the pictures show you can have it personalised at the front with a message of your choice. 

Lovely touch from the in laws ?⚪️?




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9 minutes ago, HuistraHairDo said:

Take it the inlaws don't know about our all out blanket ban on all things Scottish Mhedia. :tut:


Nah ....might have a look at this for my dad always hard to buy for.

I think the pages come from the national archives. I could be wrong but I don't know how much (if anything) our gutter press would receive from the book. Here's hoping next to nothing! 

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