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*** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***


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6 minutes ago, KeyserSoze said:

Their goal 

Andy Halliday jumps with his back to the ball. Something I've told young lads never to do -


falls about lolly gagling feigning injury instead of getting off his arse and attempting to win the ball back.


Stray passes and what not. 

He's doing my fucking tits in. 

And Tav - you can only wear them fancy boots if you can play special football 

Edit: gifts another- seriously ffs

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And yet again another goal caused by our own making.  I am in no surprise the two players in our team who are least likely to ever win a league with us are the ones who have cost us.   This simply is not good enough.

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1 minute ago, GaryMc said:

Who did Wes even throw that ball out to? I couldn't see a rangers player...

Fucking shite excuse for a player.

Oh fuck off...Halliday asked for the ball, he lets it go by him to go forward thinking there's nobody there and he fucked up because there was...

Trying to blame Wes for that, laughable :lol: 

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1 minute ago, calikeo said:

Folks and around 100 Bears got turned away from the game by police as apparently "ground was full".

We've got season tickets and these were from their away ticket allocation direct from Rangers - so definitely not dodgy or fakes.


Anyone else heard about this tonight?

Lucky bastards don't need to sit through that fucking garbage .....

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Don't want to be that guy but...


I really do wonder what Barton has done to use him to punt him while keeping Halliday, makes me sick at times he's getting MOTM performances in England while we're stuck with Staunchy McStauncherson.

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