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Next manager poll  

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  1. 1. Of the names currently being touted as a possible replacement, who do you want as new manager?

  2. 2. And who do you think it will be?

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1 minute ago, blueballss said:

Always liked Alan Pardew.........just my opinion obviously, no gonna happen

Pardew would be a decent shout but I doub we could afford him or whether he would come to Scotland.

de Boer will never happen in a million years. People who also think Gio is a realistic target are mental.

McInnes might even be out of our reach compensation wise.

Billy Davies can fuck right off

Alex McLeish until end of season for me. He has a great track record of coming into struggling teams and motivating, his problem is when he has the chance to build his own team he fails. SO Eck until summer then have time to recruit a good manager in the summer

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I've said FDB, I also think he would be able to attract a good standard of player who would want to work with him. Whether or not we could afford them though is another matter.


Unfortunately it's not gonna happen, pretty sure Ronald already came out and basically said he's holding out for an EPL job.

I'd take McLeish ahead of Davies any day

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I honestly believe the board wanted Warburton to stay on until the end of the season and take the time to find a manager, the right manager, for the start of the new season. Warburton and his team (or maybe his agent) have royally fucked up and their attitude towards the club stinks and now we are left without a manager and in a difficult position. We saw what happened with the same board when McCall got to the end of the season so I expect this might just be the case here.

I think McLeish will get the nod til the end of the season and then beyond that point I haven't a clue. If the board want to be successful it has to be an appointment that turns heads as the mhanks did with Rodgers and we have to start seeing some investment being made as a deposit for the returns when we get to the champions league again. Frank De Boer or Michael Laudrup would certainly fall into that category but I highly doubt the board will do that.

I just hope that the board don't make the same mistake and go for an inexperienced manager who has all the talk but can't back it up with their actions.

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