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Next manager poll  

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  1. 1. Of the names currently being touted as a possible replacement, who do you want as new manager?

  2. 2. And who do you think it will be?

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1 minute ago, Virtuoso said:

Harry Redknapps name now being bandied about after his appearance on Talksport earlier.

Would rather him over McLeish or Davies.

Rednapp is a fuckin donkey of a manager he proved it loads of times , he also craves money and doesn't take jobs far from London.

Ridiculous suggestion..........

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Clearly unpopular on here, but Billy Davies for me. I think his track record is impressive, he's made a very positive impact on Preston, Derby and Notts Forest. He took all three clubs forward.


De Boer is popular, I can understand why, but success at Ajax alone doesn't make me think he'd make a success of Rangers. Le Guen was excellent at Lyon but Rangers didn't fit. I worry he'd be a poorer version of what Rodgers is implementing at Celtic, and on a lesser budget.

I don't want us to play long ball football, but like Conte at Chelsea, Mourinho wherever he's been and Walter on his return to Rangers....I want a manager that finds the right balance, builds a solid defensive unit as a foundation to a winning team. I am not convinced De Boer will give us that.

I'm not someone that needs to see a chest thumping Rangers man, but I do want commitment to the job long term....even just 3 to 4 years. I fear De Boer would always have his eye on moving to a bigger league.


Davies for me would be committed, knows the league, the club and the market we'd be looking for players. His good work at Motherwell came to an end due to their financial problems rather than his ability, he produced at Preston, Derby and Forrest and if he failed at Rangers it would be the first time he'd failed in my view.

Will he take us to where we want to be at the end of this journey ? I'm not sure. Will he take us forward ? I am extremely confident he would. I don't see him as the risk others see, I see him as the safe bet.


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Would like to see M. Laudrup considered, was impressed with him at Swansea. Think big Eck will get it temporarily with a chance to impress. Dunno how that will be received though and don't see what he can achieve, with what he's got to work with, that will change any negative perceptions on his appointment.

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Depressing list tbh 


The bigger and better names being banded about are so unlikely

If we can pull any of these off I'll be happy 


M Laudrup - cutting about in Dubai or somewhere in the Middle East earning a fuck load. Highly unlikely

FDB - poor sacking from inter, worked wonders at Ajax and was linked with a premier league job before he went to Italy. Highly unlikely

Redknapp - been out the game a while. Always played good football but spends a fuck load every where he goes. Very unlikely 


possible and more realistic shouts could be Henning Berg? Maybe Shota? Would he happy with any of those fellas? But again.... I'd say they're unlikely 


Davies, Wright, Mcinnes? Fuck that!!! I'd rather give the gig to Murty 


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7 hours ago, there'sonlyoneamoruso said:

Would Michael O'Neill be an option? Compensation would be due to IFA for his services so it's probably a non-starter. He is based in Edinburgh and has worked wonders with a limited pool of talent for NI.

Not the right sort for managing our club.

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2 hours ago, Tenerife Bear said:

A ridiculous list. There are loads of guys who could do a job but people want to think in our own wee bubble. The board now really need to think outside the box for a change. 

Correct. That should not rule out all of the listed candidates, but this appointment will probably determine whether or not we can mount a title challenge over the next 2 seasons. 3 really successful signings for around 6 million (or hopefully less) could put a totally different complexion on the SPL competition. We need someone/a structure that is successful. Put pressure on the current leaders and they might buckle. I don't think we will win it next season, but this is football and nothing is certain.

Absolutely crucial appointment.

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