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Showing the game in Costa Teguise


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I am just home from Lanzarote, watched the hearts and county games in bluebells. 


Get yourself there a bit early as they have limited numbers they are allowed in now, everyone needs to have a seat. 

During hearts game they locked a big metal gate and turned lots of people away....


Good luck.


P.s if it's Full linkers next door will usually put it on one screen.

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There's a Bluebells in Costa Teguise and one in Puerto Del Carmen - didn't go to Costa Teguise but seems a bit shite turning people  away.

Would never go back to Lanzarote again, absolute shite hole - infested with Irish.

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Was in Costs Teguise many years ago and couldn't find anywhere showing the game against c----c. My mate and I got a taxi to Puerto del Carmen and must have visited  every pub in the town to see if the game was on .

Needless to say nowhere was showing the game but we ended up blootered and got a taxi back to the pub next to our hotel.

The Spanish version of Sportsound match reports was on the radio and the only words we caught were Glasgow Rangers Richard Gough and we took it that he had scored the winner. We celebrated with a few more beers and shorts.

Needless to say the wumin folk were none too happy when they seen the state of us later on but we had just beaten the mob from the east.

A fine day out and great memories.

Just checked the date for this game November 1997, FFS where does time go!

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3 hours ago, CaptainDandy said:

Does anybody know any fine establishments that show our games in Costa Teguise?

Theres a Gers pub called the Bluebells but I was told last night they dont show games.

Was I the Bluebells a few years back and it was fine.

It showed all British games.

Unless it's been infiltrated by scores of SNP supporters you should be fine.

Wouldn't go back to Lanzarote though, it was far too breezy.

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