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Pitch Geography Doesn't Matter To Players Who Can Read The Game.


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Anyone else notice how much more fluent we were in midfield tonight. 

After a quietish start Toral was suddenly all over the place, making space for himself, picking up the ball and playing some really intelligent passes.

Hyndman came more and more in to it, and after Kiernan's sending off ran the show and won the game for us.  Consistently getting in to dangerous positions, the wee bit of magic that set up Garners shot against the post, then being in exactly in the right place to hit a shot off the bar,then trundle one in. Sign of a future star that was.

Even Holt was appearing all over the midfield, and Barrie McKay wqas playing with a lot more freedom and confidence.

Maybe they're a lot happier to use their own professional abilities and natural talents to make the game their own rather than having to consistently conform to Mr Warburtons rigorous positional demands and pitch geography ?

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There's no doubt there was more fluidity but tonights game was a microcosm (I know, check me) of what we are as a team. Gifted, natural, wasteful, suicidal and fragile. 

If we had played a better team tonight the space we left would've been exploited. That said, credit for overcoming adversity. We should a been 4 up and despite the disappointment of being pegged back we were the only team trying to win it, 10 men or not. 

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I think Murty has definitely allowed the players more freedom in what they do rather than being very rigid. 

Mckay and Waghorn being the obvious examples. Waghorn has been coming through the middle a lot more alongside Miller rather than being stuck out on the touch line 

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