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Pedros Local Assistant


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In his interview he speaks of a local assistant to bridge the culture gap between himself and his staff and the country/club

Says he will be interviewing in next few days any ideas who this could be?

Murty? B Ferguson?

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Murty deserves the step up in my opinion, he got flung in at the deep end and has done well after a slow start.

Ironic that I think now is the worst time for Murty to go...after the last few results he's got the players playing well and getting a bit of confidence...

Only issue...if Murty is assistant then Waghorn will keep his place, he seems to be a big fan.

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Depends what exactly he wants him for.

Ferguson shouldn't be considered as red flags fly in both the coaching (failure) and judgemental (past indiscretions that taken together paint a vivid picture).....and you can add his publicly voiced scepticism to Pedro's appointment. 

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Would imagine that Ferguson would be the front runner. I would like Murty to stay with the u20s and then he may have a shout at being the next manager. I think if he the becomes the assistant he would then be forced to leave at the next sacking if it was to go down the route. Ferguson would need to remember his place in the set up and learn to bite his tongue but Pedro sounds like he would take no shite so would be more than capable of reminding him of his place within the set up

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8 minutes ago, Sweetheart said:

I think it will be Bomber Brown, Pedro outlines what he wants from a local club assistant and Bomber I would say has knowledge of all.




Knowledge of players and other managers

What it's like living in Glasgow, Scotland

Please tell me your fishing. 

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