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10 hours ago, Dietspam said:

Given what happened wit hour last foreign manager i think Barry Ferguson would be ironic would it not? I'd like Kenny Miller to be the man. I think the players like him, he's passionate about the club and knows the script. I'm not sure if he's ready to hang the boots up yet though. It has to be someone at the club already IMO. Bringing in an outsider i'm not sure it's a good idea. Miller or Murty for me.


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Bomber Brown :lol: what a suggestion

Could just imagine half time at the piggery:

Bomber: Right, if it gets to 90 and we're getting beat some cunt two foot Browns ankle, £50K bonus for one break, £100K for 2, and my next 5 year salary if you retire him

On second thoughts, let's get Bomber Brown

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Pedro is a man of the world. He'd have the measure of a ned like Ferguson, or a buffoon like Brown straight away,

His call would be for someone who is more wordly wise, composed, and with a sound knowledge of football and our club.  Someone who could advise him  who our friends are, and who to watch out for., especially in the media, and in the politics of the SFA and Scottish football.

Walter Smith would be ideal, but unlikely to be seriously interested. McCann would be great, Gordon Smith even ?


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What exactly is McCann's qualification for becoming assistant manager at Rangers?

Bomber, Ferguson, McCann? we need a guy whose experienced as a coach in his own right, being Assistant Manager at Dunfermline and saying nice things on sky isnt nearly enough.

Some of the suggestions are ridicules.

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5 minutes ago, Dan Deacon said:

Folk on here seem to like him for it. He's probably putting that on his cv

I'd have Russell Latapy before Mccann. he's played in Portugal for 8 years , knows Scottish football inside out and has a decent reputation as a coach. Jimmy Nicholl is also a sensible shout.

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Just because McCann's a good pundit doesn't mean he'll be a good assistant. We need someone with a decent coaching background who'll bring something more than just being a Rangers man.

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