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Sorry if this is elsewhere and I know this is Bears Den but this truly shows who's running the show




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Old Firm referee Bobby Madden dropped for top fixtures by SFA

The 38-year-old came in for fierce criticism following the derby

1 day ago / Neil Cameron


BOBBY MADDEN, the referee in last Sunday’s Old Firm game, has been taken out of the spotlight this weekend after being put in charge of a Champ-ionship match.

The 38-year-old came in for fierce criticism following the derby, which ended 1-1, largely because of his decision not to award Celtic an injury-time penalty, which Brendan Rodgers described as “clear-cut”.

Madden has been given the Dunfermline-Ayr United match at East End Park on Saturday. The official is one of Scotland’s top referees and this was his first Glasgow derby.

However others backed Madden, including retired English referee Dermot Gallacher.

He said: “I thought, for his first Old Firm game, the ref did brilliantly. I really did. He kept his nerve, he booked players at the right times.”

The game ended in controversy when Leigh Griffiths was tackled from behind by Clint Hill inside the Rangers penalty box.

Rodgers said: “It was a clear-cut penalty. It’s very frustrating – even more so when Clint Hill tells me he got away with it.”


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1 minute ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

Pretty sure he was allocated the level of game he'll be covering before the derby game even took place.

This smacks of perpetuating the myth he's been punished for the penalty that never was.

That would make sense. It's fuelling the fire that they should have got the pen and that's what the unwashed will focus on.

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Fucking disgraceful they have publicly shamed madden for a decision most top referees said was correct.

no sin bin for the refs who denied us clear cut decision against Motherwell or stjonstone no sin bin for the ref that awarded Falkirk a penalty for a foul outside the box.

fucking shameful 

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Fucking joke the shite madden is getting from the media for that game. I actually thought he did pretty well, just as Dermot Gallacher did. He may have got one or two things wrong, but they were nothing like some of the things that have gone in sellic's favour this season. ST Johnstone, anyone? Don't remember a veiled campaign to sort the referee out for that one.

I mean, it happens every time with the oppressed from the east, but you have to wonder if there's a bit of extra pressure being applied with a semi coming up.

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I'm not bothered, he is a shite referee anyway. Plus it was never a fucking penalty, Hill got the ball

Rodgers and all his greeting faced scummy bastard team can go fuck themselves, they can greet all they want and do whatever they want to the refs, isn't going to stop them getting fucked back to 2nd place, next year, the year after or even 5 years down the line

It will happen

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