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It was only Hamilton

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BUT - we struggled against them previously this season so we should be happy with any win against them at the moment.

Looking back over the last few weeks you can see we are starting to tighten up - the gaps that we left all over the pitch using 433 aren't as glaring and we seem to be able to double up on players, under W&W we couldn't get near a ball once we had lost it.

Looking at Toral yesterday he strolled that game as he did a fortnight ago, his vision and passing is improving and i think he said it in his post match he is getting used to the position now.

The main point i noticed was with me - i wasn't hiding behind the curtains every time a ball was played into our centre backs, i noticed against the baby burglars that we seemed to have bodies in behind the ball allowing Wilson to man up on Dembellend - looked at it yesterday and Wilson again attacked the first ball as we had bodies back when we lost the ball. A few weeks ago i was having serious concerns for my old heart i just couldn't take much more of the shambles that we were defensively.

Anyway it was on Hamilton and they are shit.........


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Hamilton or not, thats 10 goals in 2 games in 2 weeks we've rattled by them, the fact is the Football on display was pleasing on the Eye, the aggression shown in our game ie pressing high up the pitch and closing down the opposition as soon as, making tackles at crucial times and winning every header there was to win, can't please everybody......

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Funny that, it's only Hamilton, yet the scum have swept only Hamilton and teams like only Hamilton and they are wonderful. 


Scottish media and this mind set is what's wrong with our game. No one wants to just report on our games without a wee slanted angle to their match report.

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A few weeks ago "only" Hamilton would have gave us a game. We may have lost more points to them. Look at our season so far. We've been beat by Dundee at Dens Park, hence breaking their 25 year drought against us, we've dropped points to Inverness, Ross County, St Johnstone and Kilmarnock. We've been hammered from not only the tims but also hearts. That's embarrassing.

I actually said yesterday it was strangely noticeable that I didn't feel the fear every time they got the ball anywhere on the park never mind in our box. 

I'm not hailing Pedro as the messiah but between him and Murty they managed to get the very basics of football right. Time will tell how well PC does but I've no doubts we'll be better than we have been for the past 18 months under Warburton.

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Hamilton started the game with a complete "Park the Bus" damage limitation strategy. Which in a sense shows how other teams have changed their perception of Rangers since Warburton left. We are no longer predictable- we are no longer a probable 1 pointer or even a possible 3 pointer for our opposition. Plus I sense the frustration of the rigid stick to a Plan A approach had really got to and stifled our players. The signs the straight jackets had been removed and the players looked unrestrained and more dangerous after a few games with Murty in charge. 

It is however very early days, and yes it is only Hamilton- but all the signs we are seeing at the moment are positive- Caixinha looks to be a man on a mission and yes is also a man of discipline and structure but he is also bringing back the passion as opposed to the statistical analysis approach of Warburton. 

I have to admit to a sense of doubt when hearing of Caixinha's appointment- but without getting carried away- it is only one game - my doubts are now vanishing. It was also a very nice touch (and also a very pragmatic one) to see Murty alongside the new Manager.

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Couldn't believe how many players were "attacking" the box waiting for the cross coming in, if another couple of those had gone in.......

Tempo increased and a better work ethic as a team, playing the places, pulling the opposition all over the park.

Pedro couldn't of asked for a better first game to show the team more than anything, that what happens in training can translate on the park. Think it gives us the confidence as in nice, disciplined attractive play, but more importantly, again demonstrates to this squad that they can on the whole play.

International break should be a blessing now, so that he can continue to reinforce and build upon his start. From his interview sounds like he will drip feed them as much as he thinks this current group can take.

Hopefully this is the start of something new for us, next fortnight is going to drag.

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