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Can anyone get this?


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Just now, HashPizza said:

I thought it would be someone Spanish but surely they have played with Ramos and then thought it must be someone German but not many of them haven't played in Germany, maybe someone Jose managed at Porto?

I checked that but couldn't see anyone that had won a World Cup, I thought the most likely would've been a Brazilian at inter but fuck knows 

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12 minutes ago, davis1986 said:

What about an Italian (World Cup)that played for ac milian (kaka and Robinho) and played for one of joses team. Either Porto Chelsea or inter? 

Only thing with that is it makes it less likely he's played with Robinho and kaka, if he's played at Madrid you have to imagine he's played with Ramos 

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2 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Closest I've come is Ibra.

There's a lot that are close but then you find the one thing that fucks it, trying to think of different ways to work it out but can't get it. Really just looks like it's all bullshit

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3 minutes ago, tannerall said:

Maicon winning the World club championship and league with Inter Milan with Mourinho as boss ?

(But not the national world cup)


he's played in same team as Ramos I think 

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