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Player of the Year/Young Player of the Year

Captain Hilts

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The club are inviting supporters to vote for their player of the year and young player of the year via the website.

A difficult choice, for the wrong reasons.

The only 3 players who would get pass marks for me so far this season would be Foderingham, Hill and Miller (McKay has been good in flashes but has went downhill from last season, and Hyndman has been good but has only been here since January).

I've went for Miller as he has again, despite his age, banged the goals in, even when we've been at our worst, and given his all every time he's stepped on to the park.

I have seen very little of the youth sides this season so my choosing of young player of the year was a tad difficult, so I have went for Hyndman.

However, for those who are a little more in the know, the nominees are as follows:

Liam Burt

Jordan Houston

Zak Rudden

Ross McCrorie

Emerson Hyndman

Who gets your vote?

You can cast your vote using the link below:


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Guest Lloyd72

Wes POTY for me as he has saved us about 10/15 points this season. Hyndman YPOTY because he's just fantastic but it does seem unfair including him in that category because people will obviously know more about him due to him playing in the first team and vote for him because of that.

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Just now, JukeBoxJohn said:

Miller POTY. Unsure about YPOTY as know next to nothing about U20 performances this season.

The youths haven't had mutch match time. Is that down to them lacking ability or the short sightedness of management? 

Dissapointing either way. We can't afford to buy our way to success. 


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Guest Lloyd72
Just now, plumbGER said:

McKay young player of the year.

Hill player of the year.

Hyndman could get either though for the impact the lad has made.

Mckay isn't on the shortlist for young player of the year

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Did the OP say Miller has "banged the goals in"?  I thought Miller had only scored six this season.  

Our best player this season is the guy we loaned in.  It was the same a few years ago when Vuckic joined.  They stand out from the rest as they have a lot more quality the rest of our squad.

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The way people go on about McKay you'd think he was 14 not 22.

Hyndman is only realistic option for YPOTY, between Miller and Hill for POTY IMO. Foderingham has been good without excelling, been beaten from distance far too often.

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Went for Miller as he is a big game player. Not banged them in but his effort  for us is second to none. Hill was a close second. Also went with Hyndmam because he has made a huge impact in the past couple of months. 

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