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FIFA , New offside rule

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FIFA are ready to push ahead with radical plans to change the offside law – and make football more like Subbuteo!

Earlier this year, the technical director of the game’s governing body, Marco van Basten, proposed scrapping offside altogether, saying: “Football now is already looking a lot like handball with nine or ten defenders in front of the goal. It's difficult for the opposition to score a goal as it's very difficult to create something in the small pieces of space they give you. If you play without offside you get more possibilities to score a goal.”

FIFA now accept the Dutchman’s proposal was a step too far, but they are determined to make changes to ensure attacking play is rewarded by rewriting the offside rule and introducing a new ‘Offside Zone’.

An attacking player would be penalised only if they go offside in the final third, and the new pitch layout would resemble a Subbuteo pitch, with an extra offside line added between the halfway line and the penalty area.

The Tweede Divisie in Holland – the Netherland’s semi-professional league - will trial the new rule in August and, if successful, FIFA will aim to implement the new law at the 2018 World Cup.

Holland’s FIFA executive member, Floos Dyalla, told talkSPORT: “We are delighted to be chosen to trial the new laws. Marco van Basten is one of football’s great visionaries and we believe the new ‘Offside Zone’ will improve the game for both players and fans.”

FIFA are also in talks with technology companies about developing lighting options that would superimpose the offside line on the pitch rather than paint them.

Former England striker Dean Ashton told talkSPORT “We want to see more goals, we want to see more penalty area action and if that means dropping defences back a little bit, I think that can only help”.

Those crazy Dutch eh , 

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Older bears will remember that they actually did try this as an experiment one year in the Drybrough cup pre season tournament where the 18 yard line was extended out to the touch line and you couldn't be offside outside of that line. 



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I'm not too keen on the current rule about being behind the keeper even though there is a defender keeping you onside your judged to be off. Not that it comes in to play often hit the watford goal could have been ruled offside yesterday if he was seen to be by the keeper 

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