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Senderos & Dodoo


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With 3 defenders coming off yesterday due to illness/injury and he wasn't brought on even with being the only recognised defender on the bench. Hopefully that's a sign that he won't play again for us even when desperately needed.

Also With 5 forwards all getting game time yesterday and Dodoo sat on the bench yet again must be frustrating for him. He must be terrible in training but like most I'd like to see him get a start again so I can remember if he's pish or not.

Can't see a big clear out in the summer

Defenders - Senderos maybe Hill Midfielders - Forrester, Toral, Hyndman. Strikers - Dodoo, Waghorn or Miller I doubt both

Europe next season means a bigger squad required so can't see too many leaving if we are already going to have to build a bigger team as it is. 

Don't see where we are bringing money in unless McKay improves till the end of the season. Foderingham could get a decent fee but we are struggling other than that. If we are to push on next season then shouldn't be selling but can't really say we would miss anyone from our current team anyway.

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Senderos is a cert to be booted. A panic buy and a pish one at that.

I imagine Dodoo not coming on because we were trailing and couldnt afford to experiment with a guy whose not had much game time.

From the very little We've seen hes a cracking finisher even if other parts of his game are off. Partick x 2 and the screamer in hearts 2-0 at tynecastle which was sadly offside. We see those kind of chances squandered every week by Waghorn. I hope we keep a hold of him

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