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Broxi’s Den Launched At Ibrox


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Anyone else with a kid with ASD (or any other challenges) will agree this is great news from the club. Places are only just starting to implement things like this and i'm glad my club is one of them.


RANGERS striker Kenny Miller and 9-in-a-row legend John Brown officially opened Broxi’s Den at Ibrox today, a facility that will allow supporters with complex learning difficulties and sensory challenges such as autism to enjoy matches at the Stadium.

In partnership with the fans, the Club is extremely proud to have developed this new facility based in the Broomloan Stand Corner, which accommodates up to eight supporters and their carers. The suite will help children and young adults with sensory difficulties acclimatise to the noise, crowds and bustle of a busy matchday.

Created following meetings with the Rangers Disability Matters Group, Broxi’s Den opened at last weekend’s SPFL game against Motherwell and going forward, spaces will be allocated on a game by game basis. Children aged between 5 and 12 will receive priority for afternoon games and young adults will have priority for evening matches.

Kenny Miller commented: “It is a great privilege for me to officially open Broxi’s Den at Ibrox today. So many people have worked extremely hard to create this facility and I would like to thank everyone who donated their time and money in order to see it completed.

“It is fantastic we can now offer an area for fans with sensory difficulties to watch their team in a quiet and calm environment.”

John Brown added: “Ibrox Stadium is a fantastic arena to watch football and I applaud everyone at Rangers for developing this facility to allow supporters to attend games who may have previously been unable to do so.”

“Broxi’s Den will also be used to support a range of community programmes and I am sure it will be a great addition to the matchday experience.”

Supporters wishing to apply for places in Broxi’s Den can contact the Club in three easy ways:-

Email: disabilitymatters@rangers.co.uk

Telephone 0141 580 8639

Write to the Disability Access Manager, Rangers Football Club, Argyle House, Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD


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3 minutes ago, jcb said:

The only other stadium i know of that provides this facility is The Stadium of Light in Sunderland.

Well done to everyone involved in setting this up.

West Brom do too.  There was a feature about it on Match of the Day a few months back about a blind chap who was provided match commentary by the club when in the stadium through headphones.

Class from Rangers :thumbup:

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12 minutes ago, Captain Hilts said:

West Brom do too.  There was a feature about it on Match of the Day a few months back about a blind chap who was provided match commentary by the club when in the stadium through headphones.

Class from Rangers :thumbup:


We have provided a service for blind supporters for a number of years so it's good to see another group of fans being catered for.

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6 minutes ago, Sasa'onlyPLGsuccess'Papac said:

Just seen that. Really proud of my club for doing this.

Something so small and simple yet going to be a great benefit for well deserved children and their families.

It's exactly this point that gives me more pride in our club for doing this. It won't generate as much publicity as a new manager or player signing but will benefit fans for years to come.  A fantastic initiative that will bring so much happiness to families who deserve it.

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Any more substitutions like Saturday and we'll all need 'sensory rooms' with padded walls, however, nice initiative from the club :tu:

Jist hope if any of the kids start acting up and hitting out that the carers (parents I assume) can keep things under control or will the kid have a 'professional' on-site to help?

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A great addition to the stadium whatever way you look at. Helps parents integrate their kids into the experience, and keeps screaming wains out of the stands. 

Can't be arsed with this being used as ammo against the board by the mentalists on here when we don't spend 30 million in transfer fees come August however.

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