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*** The Official Aberdeen vs Rangers Match Thread ***

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Cumnockbear's on the way to get BABN  

Cumnock bowling green just shut for the night ...........,

I liked the idea that he was going to drive up to get BABN and then drive him back to Cumnock before fighting him. That's a good hour in the car trying to make awkward smalltalk.

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How the fuck have they still got 10 men?  The Johnny Hayes tackle he said sorry so okay there then and the two footed tackle afterwards by one of their nobody's which if it had been a blue jersey doing that sort of tackle he would have been sent packing.  

Kevin Clancy is now getting the cards out but Garner a yellow ?  The cunt put his head in his face yes minimal contact but he clearly puts his head into Garners face, again if it had been the other way about, would the aberdeen defender have been booked ? Not a fucking chance.  

Get the fucking boot into these cunts Rangers.   

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4 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

Aberdeen are a team of hammer throwing bastards. How the fuck are they so far ahead of us in the league :belm:

Their over all points tally isn't great. It's just ours is fucking woeful. Aided by the couple of manager transitions we've had in recent months. We lost the first 2 under Murty then we've dropped 4 points out of our first 3 under Pedro.

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Just now, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

I think Toral has been ok, Hyndman has been quiet though. Need some fight in there.

He needs to get more of the ball. He made a great run in to the box moments ago but for Holt to hesitate with the pass then make a complete cunt of crossing instead. Hyndman was visibly raging at not getting the ball.

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Guest Lloyd72
Just now, TheKingObv said:


He's fucking pish

He works hard and doesn't shirk out of tackles, we need more guys like that, a good squad player.

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1 minute ago, Bakbear said:

Debate this Rangers team all you want but what is absolutely apparent is that Scottish Football is fucking brutal 

Having watched Malaga v Barca last night and this pish today .

Both ourselves and the sheep have been dreadful . It looks like amateur hour watching them .

Still think we will win this 1-0

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