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Which First Team Players Would You Want To Keep?

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Foderingham, Alnwick, Hill, Wallace, Wilson, Mckay, Rossiter, Windass. 

I'd also keep Miller on a coaching role, if he wants to continue playing then let him go and hopefully see him back in a coaches role at a later date. 

The rest I would sell or use as part of a deal for other players.

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33 minutes ago, jbm26896 said:

It will be very difficult to move some players on due to their wages.



Made more difficult by the fact that many who signed contract extensions are pretty dire.  

Worth keeping, perhaps Wes, Tav, Wallace, Wilson, Rossiter (if we ever find him), McKay, Dodoo (still think there is something there)

Mibees -- Forrester & Windass.  Pedro likes players with a bit of fight and Harry fits the bill, Josh not so much. 

Unknowns who are on loan - Crooks, Thompson, Hardie - would like to see Jordan in particular given a chance under the new manager

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5 hours ago, williamcarvel9 said:

Warburton this season could have spent money on a couple of real quality players. Instead he wasted money on numbers.

Next season I think we should address the spine of the team not numbers, so bring in a quality centre back, centre mid and striker. Spend 5-6 million in doing so and there should be some improvement.

Therefore, I don't think we should have a massive clearout. Just get rid of shite like Senderos, O'Halloran, Dodoo etc 

This is a more realistic approach. There's a few in there that have the ability to do better, hopefully the manager can bring them on.

Wallace and Tavernier are easily SPL quality, Holt and Mckay are more than capable on their day and Waghorn or Garner would benefit from a quality strike partner. Wes is a no brainer.

The thing is we've seen it a million times in the past where a complete 'dud' is reborn under a new manager. I won't just write them off but they don't have long to prove themselves. 

As you said we should be bringing in quality over quantity, playing with better players will hopefully raise the games of the ones that stay. 

Miller is also worth a mention, he's dragged us through season and deserves to be at the club in some capacity next season. 

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don't know where I'd keep any of them. In the fridge?

still don't know about these players, they're consistently inconsistent.

I'd keep all the under 21s, for, hill, garner (if we're going to play two up front) Hyndman, kranjcar, Wilson, Miller. A few others would still be decent squad players - waggie, Halliday, Wallace. I'd go for a tough captain in midfield, a solid cb and a reliable striker. Shame nobody thought of that before now!?

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3 hours ago, RDFM said:

Getting Hyndman on a season long loan with the option to buy £3 or so Million would be the safest way to play it imo, assuming Bournemouth are willing.

Even if they were willing to sell there's a chance he'd not want to, to be honest! He'd get a move to a decent Championship team I reckon

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5 hours ago, slimjim1690 said:

If we are being realistic then I cannot see any more than one or two players being brought in, and very few leaving, we have far to many players on long term contracts and with their poor performances this season it's very unlikely that anyone will pay anywhere close to a reasonable fee for them, so unless Warburton really does rate any of his signings then we will be stuck with them until their contracts run out, so assuming this to be the case if we can only sign a maximum of two players then one would have to be a midfielder with body strength right in the centre, whenever I see our opponents it's actually embarrassing how much we get bullied in there, it really has been men against boys this season, I would also like to see a target man who can score and also be able to bully the opposition, of course I'd also like a big hard fucker of a CH as well, another to put the fear into opposition forwards, someone who can win a fuckin header and go through cunts, but that is three signings so now it's wishful thinking, basically I'm looking to fix the spine of the team first and then take it from there.

Spine of the team is physically weak. We have a good keeper but we are powderpuff in midfield and right that we need a big fucker in defense. A take no prisoners centre half and a commanding CM and a goal scorer

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If a decent offer came in for any of them I'd take it. The only player I'd like to keep is Hyndman but as he is only on loan he'll be gone soon anyway. Wes has done well enough but not irreplaceable. I'd like a couple of real Rangers men to stay in some capacity to show new signings what it means to play for Rangers so maybe keep Miller and Wallace.

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