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ST Renewal Intentions


Will You Renew?  

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  1. 1. Will you renew your season ticket or buy a new one?

    • Yes, will renew/ I have already renewed
    • No, won't renew as I object to the current Board
    • No, won't renew as I can't afford it/other commitments
    • No, won't renew as I'm just not interested
    • No, won't renew for another reason
    • Might renew, depends on price rises
    • Might renew, other reason (explain)
    • Wasn't ST holder last year, but will buy this year.

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Renewing. As shite as things may be for us (and I think we'll sink further before things get better) I will renew. 

Get a lot of people are pissed off me included, but I can't understand the mindset of somebody who will stay away and then come crawling back to renew when the good times start again. Supported Rangers and renewed every season through it all with the exception of 14/15 which was with a clear aim to oust the slimey shitebags who would put us into millions of debt to ensure they got a wage every month. Other than that never done the staying away bollocks and I wont fucking start now. If theres ever been a time the club needs its fans its now! 

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Renew my two as always but don't see next season being any more successful than this season if I am honest. It will be us season tickets holder who the club seem to forget about that will keep the bills paid and give the manager about £5million tops to spend 

Anyone who thinks different are deluding themselves as this board will not even attempt to match Celtic and if they get in the champions league again then they might have another crack at it the following year unless this board gets their finger out now.  

As for the manager? Let's see if they can produce a performance like Celtic park up at Aberdeen as from apart from the first game under him the team has got worse if that was even possible.  .

moan over but all bears need to renew and if you don't have one get one ????

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We will all renew. 

As much as we dislike aspects of how the club is being run, the Scottish football environment, the media bias, the gutlessnes of our current team, the (relatively) rundown state of the stadium, etc, etc...

Our love of ranger supersedes all that.

Unlile others we don't hate anyone more than we love our own club. That's why, unlike others, we don't just turn up when times are good. 

We will come on here and moan, we'l moan at the games and we'l moan at the tv but we'l still turn up because ultimately that's what "support" is. 

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Just now, Moody Blue said:

Sick fed up with all the charlatans running or at the club, they don't deserve us. I'm absolutely sick of the lot of them so I've far better things to do with my hard earned cash than give it to that pile of shite

Hairy muff. Shame though.

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2 minutes ago, DietofWorms said:

30th year in the same seat. Watched more good stuff than pish. Want some more good stuff soon though! :pipe:

Ditto. Be my 30th in the same seat as well. :cheers:

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