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GTA V re-run

Jakes Pal

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Just upgraded my PC so decided to have another bash at GTA with the settings maxed out. Combined with the latest patches and DLC I must admit that I am staggered at just how good this game is. The level of detail in the environment is mind blowing, never mind the gameplay. I do not normally get excited about games, being far from a geeky teenager (in age at least)?, however I must admit that I cannot wait for Red Dead 2 if this is the sort of quality we can expect.

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4 hours ago, MasterD said:

Not played GTA in ages but I seen the have a micro-machines style racing now so I'll need to get on it sometime soon for a shot of that.

An aside to that micro machines will be coming out soon :dance:

That was a brilliant game. Had it on Mega Drive or psone iirc

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On 23/04/2017 at 9:51 AM, BridgeIsBlue said:

GTA IV was better imo.


The Ballad of Gay Tony was better than the GTA IV original story.

I know Rockstar have concentrated on bringing GTA V to PC and on the multiplayer side of the game since launch but I genuinely do not understand why they never had part of their team develop some story DLC they way they did with GTA IV. Surely it's easy money since the engine and environment is already created.

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Just now, Copland bear said:

Had not played it in years and got it when I switched from Xbox one to the PS4 pro and I have to say it changed so much it's absolutely stunning and the game play is up there with any game.. 

I've completed it on 360 ps3 and XO :lol:

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