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***** The Official Rangers V Tarriers Match Thread *****

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Everyone out Pedro Players Board The fucking lot 

One of the lowest days I've had supporting Rangers 

I could not give a fuck and I don't think I'm the only one. I've followed this club from Barcelona to Villarreal and Manchester to Inverness, but never before have I felt so deflated supporting T

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i swear to fuck. king better get this shite sorted out. my season ticket is getting tossed tae fuck. "it's who you are" aye fucking right. these fucking cunts are right when they say we aren't rangers anymore. we are just a fucking diddy team now. 

fucking sick of this team. spineless bastards the lot of them. get tae fuck king. 

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Am cringing at this,a haven't even got anger in me anymore, am embaressed,a have brought her boy up watching us since we have worked our way back up,he has watched every game against this taig mob and am trying to say,look son it won't always be like this,he must be thinking aye rite,am gutted and disgusted at what's going on.

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1 minute ago, Rfc52 said:

we should've scored at the start. windass shot instead of rolling in tav

Doesn't matter a fuvk now anyway. Sickened 

And that sums us up - completely inept. I have zero confidence that this lot will ever score; never before seen strikers so hapless in front of goal.

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3 minutes ago, LaudrupsPatrickBoots said:

Ridiculous statement. You could replace the other 10 players and we'd still be fucking 3-0 down then :lol::lol:

Maybe I didn't make it clear, I didn't mean for this game, I meant going into next season, I'd be looking to improve every other position before the goalkeeper.

Pretty much every outfield player has let us down in every other OF game, while Fod has kept the score down in a few of them.

No-one comes away from today looking anything other than shocking, but in some previous games we could at least say that about Fod.

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