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feguson lol

Shocking that the board haven't specifically considered your childrens' birthdays.

Need to get the retail situation sorted. You see green and grey tops all the time now but hardly ever any Rangers strips. It's like they own the west of Scotland. Creates the wrong impression and it's

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1 minute ago, Courtyard Bear said:

So it will be a bog standard template top then. 

i actually think this seasons has some good tops. at least the home + away. the 3rd kit doesn't do anything for me. might pick them up dirt cheap just to collect and give as little money to that fat bastard as possible.

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25 minutes ago, craigfeguson said:

my surname is Ferguson. when i originally setup my email address years ago craigferguson was taken so i just removed a letter and ive stuck with that username since. i just wanna see it as i know the mhanky mob are releasing theres next thursday


And that doesn't explain why you "need" to see it.

Oh and why could your user name not be something like craigferguson1 or cferguson? Dropping a letter from your surname ???

More questions than answers where you're concerned craigie b(h)oy!

Mr 200ish-posts-in-6-years-feguson.

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