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Has the manager already lost the dressing room?

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If this is the case, this would normally lead to the board getting rid of the manager as it's far easier to get rid of one guy as opposed to a dozen players. Not this time! This is a perfect chance for everyone of those incompetent bastards to be shown the door.

The jury is massively out on Pedro but the least the guy deserves is a chance to work with his own players. We can all see that these imposters are an embarrassment to this club, so IMO he shouldn't be judged on their shortcomings. 

We are fast becoming another diddy club that the scum hammer every week, huge change is required in the squad. This is unbearable today, we are at Ibrox, our home, our supposed fortress and that mob have just strolled it. Absolutely numb. Get them all out. 

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1 minute ago, Terry Hurlock Loyal said:

Yes he has, however these duds were never going to give him a chance. Pedro will simply clear them all out, only then we will see what he can offer the club. At the moment, I am unconvinced he will bring success to the club.

I'd go along with that as well but if he's going to sink then he should at least be given the chance to get this shower out the door. The way I see it is it can't possibly be much worse! 

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1 minute ago, Junior Soprano said:

The thing is , pedros now fucked. 

A loss at the start of the season and the crowd will turn on the lot of them.

Its not fair on him, it's the board that needs to held to accountable 

If only we could sack the fucking board! 

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2 minutes ago, jmurphy1 said:

Realistically though, how different do you think the team is going to be next year? It's not like we have a massive budget to go pick up a new team. A lot of these imposters will still be here I think, which is worrying. 

Mate as it stands I would take anything we can get for any of them, even if it's 100k, 200k, 400k, 500k for a player. If you do that with 10 of them that might get you 2-3 million plus an extra 2-3 million from the board (realistically we shouldn't expect more than that) and then you'd hope he can invest that money wisely. 

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Just now, scottyc06 said:

They don't have to be paid off... it's a transfer window!

So just who is going to buy this shower of shite? no cunt. So where is the money coming from to release most of them and pay them off? If you think these wankers are going to give up the wedge they are on here playing in front of 50k every other week for a pay cut and 2k crowds in the English league 1 you're on drugs.

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