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15 years ago today...


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Watched that game in ma local. Pub was absolutely rammed. 90% punters are bears. Davie Weir was in the pub that day. Was playing with Everton at the time, can't recall if he was the captain at the time or not.

he was well chuffed that day. He's from falkirk, and his wife, who used to cut my hair stayed round the corner from me, were visiting her parents that weekend and were in for the day.

place was buzzing when that last goal went in, boys were jumping on top of him celebrating.

fucking great day. 

15 years ago, time does fly right enough.

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Sat in a bar in Lark Lane Liverpool, they put me in a wee room with a screen as most were watching the F.A.Cup 

Tarriers were ahead and I was joined by the Jollys from the Studio

McCluskey,, O'Shea,, O' Shaugnessy ,   Alloeeshus     or something 

Most of the real Irish guys I've met have actually been decent blokes, It's the plastics that confuse/trouble/repulse me

We hit the post and they thought it was their day,  Baz free kick then the Lovenkrands to top it off, brilliant ,  could not contain myself,,  they don't take it so seriously down there 

Back into the studio trying to party with the girl band, fresh air had got me and I dropped my chilli strewn Shish Kebab down the front of the girls designer, on hire sequenced top

Happy Days,, thankfully when you get older you make the good times count,, savour every minute and don't take it for granted

My team are now pish and I'm not going touring/doing TV with 3 babes  any time soon 



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19 minutes ago, gregswanson said:

id give my right arm to be back then; 2002; that NTL jersey was class too! 

Steady, they won the league. The 2 years before that were the real glory years. We were truly in the top 5/6 teams in Europe.

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what a day, had a party for someone from McVitties in a masonic in Tollcross that night, bedlam, my tim mate punched a hole in my other mates room door, new build, thought it was one of those solid doors, belted it and his hand went right through ?


they had a shot of us for a good 18 month when O'Neill went there, this was the early stages of us getting our 18 month shot of them thanks to big Eck, it really was 'what a time to be alive'

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I used to work in the old Xs Superbowl in paisley and a bunch of tims used to come in and watch the footie and generally give me stick when lovenkrands scored that last minute goal i didnt hold back. Next season we did the Treble was even better. 

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6 hours ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Fuck I'm getting old. 

I was just thinking the exact same. Fifteen years ago :ohmy:

My ex had a bar and nightclub at the time. A few complimentary tickets my way courtesy of her Tennents rep. Choice of 3 tickets or me and her in hospitality...no question as to what I chose biggrin_1.gif

It was one of those days where, if we were in the final just now and humped them - it wouldn't come close (if that makes sense).


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